Our Team

Generates organizational mission ownership by giving Elora the power to recommend and assist with developing the needed changes at the user-level to achieve effectiveness.

Gregory Hall

A new addition to the team, Blair has helped generate a strong client base, while managing the district sales team of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Blair has an ongoing connection between us and our customers. He excels in marketing communication, sales support, technical support and custom satisfaction.

Blair McDonough

Client Relations
With a strong background in chemical engineering Peter, has designed, altered and customised our products and systems to fit our customers specific needs. Having discipline influencing numerous areas of technology, he has helped to produce some of most used cleaning products and application systems in North America and now Australia.

Peter Dean

From day to day to quarterly and yearly operations Ron is a great addition to the Australian team. As head of operations he takes end to end ownership of all operational areas of the business ensuring perfection on both existing and new strategic projects.

Ron Kingsley

From daily administration, to yearly planning and company organization Cassi makes the wheels spin at Elora. She has had extensive experience in our industry and is forever learning and shaping the future or the business.

Cassi Wayland

Coordinating all national deliveries and services, Phil ensures our clients products and systems are always delivered on time, and working properly. Phil has been with Elora since the beginning, and he is a vital member to the team.

Phil Price